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“Although Electrical Estimations may seem intimidating, relying on useful tools such as this comprehensive educational course and software applications not only make the process easier but make it more accurate as well!”


As a Participant you will learn how to FAST TRACK with ACCURACY your Electrical Estimating on your REAL TIME quotes for critical jobs and tenders with the benefit of having direct assistance in the processes involved.

Who should attend?

  • Electricians with at least 2 years’ experience in domestic or small commercial electrical installations.
  • Electricians with some estimating experience, such as at foreman or supervisor level.
  • Electricians who are interested in starting a contracting business or who wish to enhance their estimating skills.

Day 1: Introduction to Electrical Estimating Process (8 hours)

The Introduction to Electrical Construction Estimating Process deals with the essential components of estimating and is designed to give the participants an introduction to the following:

  • Preparation of a quotation from plans and specifications
  • Quantity take-offs
  • Material and Labour pricing
  • Costing the job
  • Tender Breakdown of costs
  • Tender submission letter

As a participant you will do practical work which includes pricing the electrical installation of a domestic installation and preparing the documentation for a tender submission.

Day 2: Electrical Estimating Commercial Project (8 hours)

This session will consist of a more detailed continuation of Day 1 and essentially will be the preparation of a tender submission for a medium sized commercial/light industrial installation; complete a quotation and tender letter using the electrical estimating software with review and completion of the tender will include the following elements:

  • Ascertain Extent of the Project and Tender Requirements
  • Estimate Project and Assemble Tender Submission
  • Document and Submit Tender

Included in this course for use during training:

FREE Access to PDF Auto Take-off Software and measuring wheel for manual take-offs.
FREE Access to Electrical Estimating Software.

Interested in this course Click the link below to:

ELECTROGROUP By the Industry, For the Industry

Location: Electrogroup, 9 Railway Terrace, Rocklea, Brisbane QLD 4106

Electrical Estimating Training

Electrical Estimating is a science that calls for much training and study.

Our team is fully proficient at providing the training you need to learn the science of electrical estimating.

The key benefits you will gain from this training are:

  • More accurate estimates
  • Faster estimating turn-around
  • Increased profitability
  • Improved negotiating skills
  • Seeing Industry Best Practice software in use
  • Understanding of Labour Units

Total comprehensive online self-paced electrical estimator training series:


Electrical Estimating for Beginners

This foundation training module provides the basic skills and practical tools for electrical estimating.You will be able to immediately start using this Electrical Estimating System Management Plan to improve your efficiency and value while training in the art and science of electrical estimating with proven functions and processes to help you go to the next level.


“How to get Started in the Lucrative Field of Electrical Estimating and Win Tenders in the Next 4 Weeks!


Session 1 – Introduction to Electrical Estimating
  • Process Overview
  • Ascertaining Project Viability
  • Factors Affecting Project Viability
  • Functions of an Electrical Estimate
  • The Estimate as a Marketing Aid
Session 2 – Electrical Estimating Requirements
  • Electrical Estimating Tools
  • Electrical Estimating Forms
  • Integrated Management System for Electrical Engineering Contractors
Session 3 – Electrical Estimating Elements
  • Received Tender Documents
  • Register Tender Details
  • Establish Tender File
  • Electrical Estimating Terminology
  • Scales, Symbols and Specification
  • Functions and Elements of Specification
  • Types of Drawings – Architectural and Electrical
Session 4 – Preparing Electrical Estimates
  • Review Tender
    • Tender Requirements
  • Essential Preliminary Work
  • Technical Breakdown
  • Take-off Quantities and Subcontract Items
  • Accuracy Required in Take-off
  • Create Quote in Integrated System
  • Add Departmental Sections to Integrated System
Session 5 – Material Requirements
  • Material Selection and Listing
  • Obtain and Evaluate Prices
  • Add/Edit Material Items to Integrated System
Session 6 – Labour Requirements
  • Obtain and Establish Labour Units
  • Items Affecting Labour Costs
  • Fundamentals of Estimating Labour
  • Add/Edit Labour Fit Times to Integrated System
Session 7 – Operating Costs
  • Direct Job Cost
  • Overhead Expense
  • Material and Labour Mark-ups
  • Job factor variables
  • Labour Efficiency Levels
Session 8 – Electrical Estimating Review
  • Technical Review
    • Accuracy of Specified Items
    • Accuracy of Measurements
  • Commercial Review
    • Pricing for Profit
    • Role of Pricing
  • Conforming and Alternative Offers
    • Tender and Contract Conditions
    • Adjusting the Bid to Ensure Viability
Session 9 – Prepare and Submit Tender
  • Constructing the Tender Offer
  • Constructing the Tender letter
  • Submitting the Tender


  • Session 10 – Post Submission Follow Up
  • Session 11 – Electrical Estimate Analysis
  • Session 12 – Project Budgeting
  • Session 13 – Electrical Design and Construct Estimating


“All the Skills and Tools You Need to Make a Decent Profit on Every Electrical Project!”