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Australia’s trusted training resource for the Electrical Estimating and Tendering using industry Best Practice Electrical Estimating Software

Electrical Estimating Software Network System Australia

Choose your path to more Electrical Estimating Information…


    Self-paced, online learning

    You complete 2 x learning modules + 2 x projects

    Industry best practice software that includes calculation tools, calculation pages with a summary page, formulas, and processes to get every job done

    Apply these new Skills to make Money in as little as 4 weeks part time or 4 days full time from now!


    Self-paced, online learning

    You complete 3 x learning modules + 3 x projects

    Save up to 70% of the time + improved accuracy compared to other methods

    You own and use the Advanced Electrical Estimating Software System

    All the Skills and Tools You Need to Make a Decent Profit on Every Electrical Project!


    You can expand or stabilize your workforce

    You can negotiate better prices with your suppliers

    You can increase your status in the industry

    You can invest in additional plant and equipment

    We can help increase your profitability

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What clients say…

Saved me years and thousands of bucks!

“You have helped me heaps mate… I am a sole trader... but you've saved me years of time, and I'll bet thousands of bucks too!” –

Gareth, Business Owner Perth

Increased project profit to $148,000

“This lucrative project for BHP was valued at around $479,000.00 using the ESTILEC Advanced Electrical Estimating Software Network System we were able to capture variations to the project valued of around $97,000.00 and we increase profitability of the project profit to $148,000.00.” –

Les, Owner
Sozo Electrical